2017 Allison Sorokin Yoga 


Hi there!  I am so glad you're here!  


So you want to learn a little about me....well here it is.  


I am a lover of life.  A mom to a wonderful young lady.  A wife and pet owner.  Like you I wear many hats.   So many that I sometimes forget WHO I AM.  But then I come to my mat and I breathe.  I move my body and I breathe some more.  And I remember and I connect.  


I have been a fitness enthusiast from a young age, as a child, I watched Gerardo and Richard Simons for fun. So when I got a job as the Business Manager of a gym on the top floor of World Trade Center 3, I was in my glory!  Well, we all know what happened there.  It took about 4 months for PTSD to really hit me.  The anxiety was awful and I began being treated for both anxiety and depression.  I sought solace in a local fitness studio and began practicing yoga with an amazing Anusara teacher.  I learned so much and really got to experience the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits that come from a consistent yoga practice.  I was hooked.  


Then I got married, got a corporate job...family and work took center stage.  


In 2009 a herniated disk left me side-lined and unable to walk.  At only 31 I was diagnosed with advanced Degenerative Disk Disease and was told I had the spine of a 70-year-old.  Talk about a wake-up call!  After surgery, I realized I had to change in a big way – my perspective, the way I moved, held my body, and how I led my life.  My yoga practice took on new meaning with a focus on alignment and form to create stability while increasing flexibility and strength throughout the body and mind. 


Right before returning to work, I got laid off.  Such a blessing!!  I decided going back to sitting for 8 hours a day was not going to be good for my spine and I needed a new path.  Not too long after Fur'st Love Pet Care was born and I signed up for Yoga Teacher Training.  I graduated from teacher training in March and wanted to begin teaching ASAP!  Yoga by the Bay in Keyport began as a free class so that I could practice my craft.  It has been such a pleasure to teach this community class along the Raritan Bay for the last 7 years!  The wonderful people I have met and befriended is something I am forever grateful for.  


I received a 200 & 300-hour certification from Yoga works of NYC (2011 & 2013 respectively).  I am a Yoga Tune Up Certified instructor as well as Restorative, Kids, Yin, and Prenatal Yoga.  I love helping students create home practices for maintenance of both body and mind and offer private and public classes.  



Currently, I am pursuing my Advanced 300 Hr Yoga Psychology certification w/ Yoga.Psyche.Soul.